Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Everyday Makeup 2016 I Lashes by LASHNOIRE | Make up | Glitters |Style | Beautiful

Description: This is my everyday makeup routine. Very natural and rain or shine i'm always wearing my lashnoire lashes. Hey everyone our girling areas back I feel like it's been so long since i made a video about my everyday makeup and missed you guys so let's just jump to it and get down to business this video is how i do my day makeup so before you do anything else you need to prep your skin to get that flawless foundation application i have to tell you guys miss Kim is angry at me right now so if you see imperfections jazz ignore that to prep my skin I've been really loving my mac writing lotion and followed by mattifying primer for my oily skin i bet you if I tried I could fry an egg on my forehead i'm using my studio FX foundation from that this is where you want to take your time buffing to get that single promotion from here I like to leave my fees alone and start with my eyes and using this out from work this one is the certified and palate so since they don't have any more than I shadow i'll be pointing what i'm using for my everyday makeup with this weird creepy and starting with Everyday makeup tutorial & this color as my base i'm putting this all over my lid and all the way up to my brother next is this color where the creepy fingers pointing at have a blindness to my crease I like to take my blending brush in between to make sure everything is blended well i'm using this dark brown color for the other corner of my eyes to add more definition Max's lighter color and padding this on the center too bright in my leg i'm using a concealer brush for a precise application i like my brows to be a bit more defined so I'm just going to fill it in really well then apply for my everyday makeup and your favorite mascara for a more natural look i will be using rational in clashes in the styling lady i use this talk quite a bit for a daytime look it is super lightweight and it looks music220 or your finger for application but these slashes goes on supporting see as they are designed at the curve of your neck yeah rom my bottom lash line i'm using the same color eyeshadow I least on the other corner go ahead and Brendan then a bit of mascara on the lashes to fake like I have a owing skin i'm using this bronzer from it cosmetics to define my cheekbone and to brighten my face i'm applying a bit of blush on my cheek I'm using mobile from back to set everything in place i'm using his banana powder from Ben life I have to say this is starting to be my go-to power for a daytime look I use a colors I'm using SPICE the line my lips and talk lipstick from to finish my look I'm using a setting spray from Scandinavia his will help to keep my makeup to last all day so here you go this is my complete everyday makeup look I hope you liked it if you did give this video a thumbs up or comment down below thank you all so much for watching and I will see you on my next video bye. Thanks all to watch my everyday makeup 2016 video.

Everyday makeup tutorial, EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE 2016!

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